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Who We Are

Our Team has been dedicated to helping people improve their credit scores since 2004. We work with people either individually or as couples to help them increase their credit scores using various processes and methods, including but not limited to:

  • Disputing unverifiable and/or inaccurate information showing up on your credit bureau
  • Helping individuals establish new lines of credit
  • Challenging incorrect and/or outdated credit accounts from your credit report
  • Paying off and eliminating old debt

The foundation of our mortgage qualification services is focused on an in-depth credit building and restoration program.  Gold Credit Repair has also been committed to helping individuals get away from being renters and move into home ownership.  Low and poor credit scores will often prevent otherwise qualified buyers from purchasing a home.  If are ready to start building and/or repairing your credit, or simply want more information, give us a call today!