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Removing Questionable Negative Items From Your Credit Report


Have you ever contacted one of the credit bureau’s directly in an effort to correct negative items or inaccuracies on your credit report?  Were you successful? Often times, consumers such as yourself are told that “negative items must remain on your credit report for 7 years”.  This is FALSE.  There is no relevant law that dictates time limits for negative items remaining on your credit report.  Credit bureaus want you to believe this falsehood because their profit margin relies on reporting those negative items to their subscribers.

When you enter our credit repair program, we will do everything possible to remove these unverifiable negative items and other inaccuracies from your credit reports.  When we are successful on your behalf, you can expect documentation – such as those shown here – mailed back to you showing the changes made to your credit report… proof that our program helps consumers repair/rebuild their financial report card.

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